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What is solar PV?

Solar panels from Solar PV Guys utilise a certain technology that allows the solar panel cells capture sunlight energy and convert it into power. The solar photovoltaic (PV) cells are the ones that actually capture the sun energy. The pv cells that make up the solar panels from Solar PV Guys work in a very effective manner in that they dont require direct sunlight for them to work and can still generate some electricity even in a cloudy day. This energy can then be stored and used in a wide range of applications such as in households or powering up street lighting etc.


How it works

Solar panels from Solar PV Guys utilise the PV technology where there are photovoltaic cells that make up a network inside the solar panel that contribute to the actual harnessing of sunlight energy. On Solar PV Guys made solar panels, the photovoltaic cells themselves are made of several layers of a material which is a semi-conductor of electricity for instance silicon. When sunlight shines on the solar panel itself, the cells create an electric filed across the layers which is normally stronger when there is more sunlight and therefore more electricity is produced.


Variety of solar PVs

At Solar PV Guys, there is a wide variety of solar pv panels that clients have the freedom to choose from depending on the varied specifications of the variety. The kind of service we offer at Solar PV Guys is informed by varieties which are determined majorly by some factors of the solar pv panels. These factors include; the power of an individual PV cell in the solar panel that will determine the power of the whole solar panel, this power of the PV cell is measured in kilowatts peak, which is the rate at which it generates at peak performance. To access solar pv panels of different varieties contact us today via 888-302-9992 and our experts will serve you with the variety that best serves your specification.

Customers can reach us on 888-302-9992 for more information.

Other factors of the PV that will influence the variety of the whole solar pv panel are; the shape and size of the PV which will definitely affect the amount of power generated by the solar pv panel. The PV will also affect the colour and where the panel can best be fitted i.e. either on roofs or on independent ground to ensure maximum harnessing of sunlight energy.

Solar PV tiles

The solar pv technology used in making solar products at Solar PV Guys can be used on a varied diversification of solar pv products. One of the major diversifications from Solar PV Guys is the solar pv tiles that are normally used on the roofing of the house as an alternative to solar pv panels where the use of panels is considered not appropriate for the sake of planning or aesthetic reasons from the client�s side. The effectiveness of the solar pv cell on solar tiles is as strong as the PV on the normal solar panels.

The effectiveness of a solar pv can be considered as a perfect choice for clients who want to save on energy costs or want to try alternative energy sources. Contact Solar PV Guys via 888-302-9992 today for the best solar pv that suit your building.

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